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Employee Spotlight: Nathan Ubaldo

Nathan Ubaldo ALC

Nathan Ubaldo ALC

No challenge is too big for Nathan Ubaldo.

In fact, he thrives and excels on challenges in his role as residential portfolio manager for Avenue Living Communities in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

You could say Ubaldo earned his stripes beginning at a young age working with his family-owned construction business in the Philippines, where he learned the value of hard work, being meticulous with detail, getting the job done on time and overcoming obstacles and challenges.

He likes everything about his current job because it is so challenging. But Ubaldo is diligent about staying on top of things every step of the way.

“I like those challenges. It helps me to boost my self confidence especially when the work is completed. After the work is completed it’s a relief,” he says. “When I fix something, it makes me feel happy. When I see our residents happy about the outcome of the work, I feel proud of that.

“I manage everything on the operations side and on the sales side too. So basically the entire operations for my Swift Current portfolio.”

That includes 11 buildings with 235 units.

Ubaldo has been with Avenue Living for almost four years, working first in maintenance prior to moving up to his current role.

“I am happy to be working here with Avenue Living,” he says. “I have a saying that there’s always a way.”

Ubaldo, who was born and raised in the Philippines, has been in Canada for about five years, moving straight to Swift Current to join his wife who had moved here to be with her parents.

In the Philippines, Ubaldo worked with his family’s business.

“The company renovates condominiums and high rise buildings,” says Ubaldo. “My father is an architect. So half of my life was doing construction.”

When he first moved to Canada, he had a job with Walmart as an unloader of products. A job in construction followed before Ubaldo joined Avenue Living.

Ubaldo’s daily routine is busy. He starts each day off early in the morning giving directions to his team. He then goes out and checks on Avenue Living’s vacant and available units.

“I spend most of my time outside in the field, checking buildings for safety and the cleanliness, taking care of work order lists, making sure they are completed properly and in a timely manner,” says Ubaldo, who is 34 years old.

His philosophy is to get the job done, get it done right and get it done on time.

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