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Where Story Meets Strategy: Meet the Avenue Living Marketing Team 

Avenue Living Marketing Team

The Avenue Living story begins in 2006, but the story of our current marketing team and how we formulated our strategy is rooted, like so many things, in the pandemic. 

In the days when the world ground to a halt, and everyone waited to see what would happen next, we realized people were craving information, and we increased our output when many other organizations went dark. We shared daily updates about our business and the investment landscape, giving insight into our operations and how we were managing what were turbulent times for everyone.  

And since then, we haven’t stopped. In fact, we’ve found more ways to get the word out, exploring new channels and mediums to reach our audience at various touchpoints. The team has grown alongside the business — as we’ve expanded our geographical footprint and offerings, the demand for collateral and communication has increased. 

Thought leadership has become a cornerstone of our strategy, as we dig into topics like the promise in the Prairies, the future of multi-family residential and self-storage, or our landmark partnership with the Canada Infrastructure Bank. “We’re an open platform,” says our Chief Investment Officer, Jason Jogia. “We’re eager to share our ideas with our peers to further advance the industry and create a better overall experience for renters across North America.” 

Those ideas come from our fellow team members in all areas of the organization, who spearhead exciting new initiatives, driving innovation in the property management and investment industries. 

The Avenue Living Marketing Team 

The Marketing and Communications team is a conduit for getting those ideas out to the world. Avenue Living’s vertical integration means we have the tools and expertise to serve every aspect of our business in-house — including marketing.  

The “MarComm” group, led by Senior Vice President Tammy Cho, includes strategy, content creators, back-end development experts, designers, photographers, and videographers. Together, the team works to tell the Avenue Living story and share insights into the investment landscape. We come from a variety of backgrounds, from tech to advertising and finance, allowing us to bring unique perspectives to our approach (and unique opinions about a wide range of topics, including the best kinds of mustard). 

“Avenue Living’s branding and communications strategy is always evolving,” says Tammy. “Our dynamic team keeps pace with the market and industry while raising the bar on how we interact with our customers, investors, and employees.”  

Avenue Living Marketing Team
Avenue Living’s Brand Evolution

A Strategic, Multi-Channel Approach 

Transparency is key to how we operate, but for us to be truly transparent we proactively tell our story in a well-researched and meaningful way. And that’s where our marketing team comes in. They’re part of our proprietary platform, which supports every aspect of the organization and helps ensure we deliver value to our audience.  

We work hand in hand with our sales team and help our investors gain insight into the world of real estate investment by keeping a close eye on what’s happening in the finance space, multi-family residential market, agricultural sector, and the self-storage industry.  

Together the team works to produce videos, social media, blog posts, year-end reviews, a biweekly newsletter, and regular reports for our investors. We create ad campaigns for broadcast (maybe you saw us during the Stanley Cup playoffs) and other channels like BNN. We help coordinate and promote industry events, sponsorships, and partnerships that shed light on innovations or educate our audience about real estate investments. 

But we also uncover the best stories to tell you — the ones that let people see our core values in action across every area of the organization, from our safety initiatives to our market selection strategies. The marketing team is here to shine a light on the efforts of our entire Avenue Living team, from ESG partnerships to continuous improvement.  

“We’re innovative and original,” says Tammy. “We’re consistently going against the grain to bring a fresh perspective on real estate investments while delivering the best experience for our stakeholders.” 

Avenue Living Marketing

Leading the Way 

True thought leadership means looking beyond our own front doors and talking about the bigger picture — the external factors that affect the macro-economic environment and inform our strategy. We pay close attention to trends and innovations in property and asset management that we believe are valuable. 

As active managers our focus has always been on our customers, and how we can deliver a top-tier experience to them — whether they’re making their home with us, storing their treasures, or leasing the land they work. We believe sharing our insights with our peers elevates the industry as a whole. And keeping our investors informed helps them understand — and have confidence in — our strategy and operations.   

Our efforts have paid off, our LinkedIn subscriber base has grown by 27% in the last year. While our recently revamped website — in conjunction with a rebrand and advertising campaigns — has significantly increased our website sessions, getting many more users acquainted with Avenue Living. We pay careful attention to analytics, fine-tuning our topics to address the subjects that our audience finds most relevant and useful.   

Perhaps best of all, we get to tell you about the people who make Avenue Living what it is today —our property management experts, safety team, legal counsel, the analysts driving our efforts to always do better, our People and Culture group, and the finance and investment experts who make sure we execute on our strategy. In an organization full of brilliant minds, we’re thrilled to be the partner that shares the value they’re adding every day. 

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