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At Avenue Living, we understand the importance of being responsible stewards of people's homes, businesses, and investments. We recognize the impact our business decisions can have on our stakeholders and the world around us. That's why we are committed to considering these factors in all that we do. 

In 2022, we made great strides in formalizing our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) work, and in adhering to a detailed framework that holds us accountable to our commitments.  

We are pleased to share our 2022 ESG Report to demonstrate our approach to sustainability and responsible practices, highlight our key initiatives, and explore how we intend to progress in the coming years.

Open ESG Report
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“We believe it’s possible to do well by doing good. That is why we incorporate meaningful and demonstrable environmental, social, and governance practices into our everyday work.”

Jason Jogia, MBA, M.Fin

CIO Avenue Living

CEO Avenue Living Opportunity Trust

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