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Strong governance is the foundation of our business. Through transparency, integrity, and collaboration, along with sound policy and regulatory adherence, we continue to improve performance while mitigating risks and priming our organization for responsible growth.

Operating with Integrity

Integrity is a core value within Avenue Living. We are committed to operating at the highest standards of accountability and transparency. In Q1 2023, Avenue Living adopted a Code of Business Conduct which applies to all trustees, directors, officers, employees, contractors, and consultants of the company. The Code of Business Conduct outlines Avenue Living’s expected standards of behavior, promotes compliance with applicable laws, guides employees to recognize ethical issues and maintain a high level of professionalism, while deterring wrongdoing. The board of trustees (or directors) of each investment fund also has a Whistleblower Policy to enable any person to raise relevant concerns on a confidential basis, free from discrimination, retaliation, or harassment, anonymously or otherwise.

Statement from Our Chief Legal Officer

As we continue to grow our governance structure, we are prioritizing the incorporation of ESG elements. The advancement of these goals requires a focus on all areas of the business while ensuring we are aligned with our customers and investors and operating as responsible corporate citizens.

Shelley AllchurchChief Legal Officer