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A Strategy Informed by Research

These four fundamental tenets of our business model have served us well since our first acquisition in 2006 — and 2022 presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities that proved their validity once again. Our strategy allows us to deliver superior customer service to our residents while manufacturing alpha for our investors. 


We have a stable business model that withstands market fluctuations. Our proven investment philosophy has generated value throughout varied markets. We’ve grown in a way that’s strategic and sustainable, reducing risk by building a portfolio that spans several asset classes in markets that exhibit strong economic bases and by raising capital via a wide variety of networks. 

Diversification with and within real estate

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re-examinning a hedge against inflation

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We’re committed to ensuring our multi-family assets remain affordable for our target demographic. At a time when housing affordability is front-of-mind, we invest in an asset class that helps meet that growing need. That means careful planning, strategic improvements, and continuous innovation in our customer experience.

Rising rates, a boon for moderate growth markets

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We’re intentional in how we make acquisitions and capital improvements, choosing the path that makes the most sense for us, our stakeholders, and the communities in which we operate. This intention also drives our commitment to ESG initiatives that improve the comfort of our properties and reduce our carbon footprint. 

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innovative, sustainable, real estate investments

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Customer - Focused

Our residents are at the core of everything we do, and our commitment to ensuring our properties are actively managed to exacting standards sets us apart from other asset managers. We understand the needs and wants of our residents and tenants, and this vertically integrated platform allows us end-to-end control over our operations, ensuring we provide top-tier customer service and drive growth for our investors.

private rental target markets: a comprehensive spectrum

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