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Avenue Living

Avenue Living Communities (ALC), our integrated property manager, operates our residential and commercial real estate portfolios in over 20 markets across the Canadian Prairies. With properties in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, ALC is supported by a centralized call center and work-order dispatch team. Now managing 15,747 rental suites in over 495 multi-family properties, ALC works to ensure outstanding resident experiences in safe, comfortable places to call home. Paired with an ongoing emphasis on optimizing business operations, ALC is committed to meeting our residents’ needs and enabling our team members to flourish.

Business Functions

The property management team oversees both day-to-day operations and capital projects for multi-family residential and commercial assets in Canada. The ALC team strategically executes a hands-on approach to sales and leasing, marketing, work-order dispatch, project management, capital investments, property accounting, and human resources. With ongoing involvement throughout all aspects of property management, ALC successfully manages our assets efficiently and cost-effectively with greater quality control.

Property Management

ALC’s decentralized property management structure is built to scale and has a new portfolio manager for every additional 500 suites. Our portfolio model provides property management professionals with a valuable opportunity to lead their own team and assume responsibility for financial and operational performance benchmarks. This structure enables ALC to acquire and manage buildings more efficiently, while the decentralized approach enables us to quickly adapt to the local communities we serve.

Decentralized Property Management

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Economies of
Scale & Scope

In 2023, ALC added to our extensive property portfolio in existing markets to bolster efficiencies and grow operations while spreading costs over a larger number of residential suites. Within these carefully selected regions, we leverage previous experience and maintain strong knowledge of the current resident base. Furthermore, ALC leaned on our current platform to support this expanded scale. Our strategy allows us to utilize our established scope and reply on our trusted team and operations to quickly and efficiently bring new properties to the Avenue Living standard through active management.

Market Orientation and Performance in Residential Property Management

Our team is relentlessly committed to understanding our customers. Through this ongoing process, we have developed the knowledge required to tailor our assets and business model to best fit their needs. This approach is proven to enhance resident loyalty, build trust, increase pride in rental homes, and boost commitment to paying rent on time. 

Research shows a market-oriented approach is imperative for residential property managers seeking better residents and improved financial and operational results. Read more in the peer-reviewed article from Dr. Grant A. Wilson, Gabriel Millard, and Cameron Hills, published in Property Management, a top-tier business and real estate journal.

Workforce Housing

Avenue Living specializes in acquiring multi-family properties throughout North America, characterized by stable occupancy and moderate capital upgrade needs. These assets cater to a niche demographic known as “workforce housing”.

Workforce housing has many benefits for residents and the communities they live in. It supports local economies and workforce development while reducing commute time and contributing to housing affordability. Further, it increases access to services and promotes diversity and inclusion.

Resident Success Stories

Our team is proud to ensure that every resident has the best experience possible, from the moment they book a showing to the day they move out. When we hear firsthand, positive experiences from residents, we know we have done our jobs correctly.

Hozan Aljinko from Calgary’s Wyldewood Estates shared how ALC takes a proactive, resident-centred approach. “The units are clean and well-kept, and the maintenance associates always complete their jobs on time,” he says. Hozan also appreciates ALC’s welcoming attitude stating, “All the team members are very friendly, especially the helpful woman at the front desk who could answer any questions, and our leasing specialist was very professional in his role.”

Japotzkie Ortega was also very pleased with the service standard he received while living in Edmonton at Montrose Apartments. “I had a great experience. My leasing specialist was able to accommodate my needs within the given timeframe and was always available, making the whole application process easy. A big thank-you to her for helping us find our new home.”

Candice Anne Marshall is a proud resident of Avalon Court in Edmonton. “This is the most positive living experience I’ve ever had as a renter. Everyone was so lovely to work with in regard to getting approved and moved in. This is a safe and quiet neighborhood. I am very happy with my place.”

Property Management Value Chain

Since 2006, Avenue Living has taken a vertically integrated approach to our operations. Vertical integration is a growth strategy where a company has the in-house functions to deliver on multiple stages of the value chain. Through our extensive experience and recent research, we can demonstrate the advantages of this approach. Based on feedback from our research study with residents across North America and the UK, property managers who have vertical integration can enhance their organization’s effectiveness, which leads to happier residents, sustained real estate performance, and an overall competitive advantage.

Group 2113

Award-Winning Team
Members in 2023

Over the past year, a number of ALC team members received industry recognition for their admirable work ethic and commitment to their residents.

Over the past year, a number of ALC team members received industry recognition for their admirable work ethic and commitment to their residents.


Myles, a Residential Portfolio Manager in Regina, is an impactful leader who shows a clear commitment to all team members and residents. Myles holds himself and his team to a high standard of excellence and serves as a mentor to fellow team members. He joined ALC in 2017 and was promoted to his current role in 2019.

Tammy, a Residential Portfolio Manager in Moose Jaw, is known for her relentless work ethic, everyday approachability, and expert portfolio management. In addition to nurturing resident relationships, she also plays an imperative role in collaborating with numerous contractors, all while overseeing a growing portfolio.

Faye, was also recognized at the Calgary Residential Rental Association Annual Awards Gala.

Faye is a Regional Vice President in Calgary who is tasked with facilitating the overall success of the Calgary East region. She is a respected leader who successfully manages an expansive team. Faye’s commitment to exemplary resident service is based on her belief that the nature of our business requires a bold and detailed long-term vision.

“We talk about real estate in terms of bricks and mortar, but it’s more than that. People have such an emotional connection to it. It’s where they live and build memories. When it comes to operating rental homes, the customer’s value goes far beyond just the physical asset. It’s about the overall experience, and that’s really what we centre our business model around. That’s why this year we have sharpened our focus on delivering exceptional service from first contact to their entire stay with us.”

- Louise Elsey

COO, Avenue Living communities

Customer Experience Centre

Avenue Living’s Customer Experience Centre supports our Duty of Care core value, helping us provide fast and efficient service and hear resident feedback.

On any given month, the customer experience centre will handle about:

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From existing customers and prospects.

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